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This course really changed my mindset about success

I signed up to the course to learn a new intriguing field that I found interesting. I was surprised to see how the principles of the course influenced me as well, how during school I started to achieve and get more out of myself. I didn't think it was going to be effectiveness immediately, as I assumed it would take time to internalize and practice the techniques. But wow - all of a sudden I opened my eyes and realized that I am facing the truth that has been facing me all these years and I just didn’t seen it. I can tell you with full confidence that the method does not just work, it works well. Too bad I didn’t know about Coaching Masters twenty years earlier...”

Thanks for three months of an inspiring and thought-provoking course.

I really enjoyed learning, performing the tasks and practicing the ideas. Since I completed the course I feel the difference, people taking me seriously, not because I'm suddenly someone else but because I've learned to say and ask things the right way. I'm really excited to open my clinic soon, I feel this is going to be an amazing period with loads of changes and challenges, and I know that you at Coaching Masters and especially, Dave who delivered the course, have prepared me to be a successful coach

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The best thing that has happened to me during this course was getting to know myself and learning, learning a lot.

All the techniques I learned I tried on myself - and sometimes a bit on my husband as well but don't tell him (laughs). I know it's not a shame to want to earn more money, but after completing this course I understand that structure is important to create real value. The emphasis throughout the course was to help us create real value for the training we will give the future. I really want to add more (laughs) but I also want to contribute more to others by teaching them how to achieve happiness. I can certainly attest that I'm happier now, just happy, apparently the method works (laughs).

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At first, the concept seems a little strange to me - learning online a profession that is so important? But at the end of the course I have only one thing to say, wow...

An informative course on practical materials, as well as a lot of theoretical knowledge that really changed the way I think about money and success. I'm sure many others have already written it - but I felt the change really quickly. The amount of positive comments I received after the first few lessons - shocked me. As if people had rediscovered me. I highly recommend this. You will be surprised how quickly things change for the better.

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