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What does a Life Coach do?

The primary goal of a life coach is to work in partnership with clients to identify and clarify their vision and goals for the future, and then to help them work out the practical steps to achieve them. These steps may include identifying gaps in skills and knowledge or identifying self-limiting beliefs and other challenges or obstacles they face and then working out a plan of action to address them.

All the steps are designed to help clients with self-discovery and growth and to equip them to take accountability for their own lives. The coach provides experience, objective perspective and insight together with support to help clients achieve their maximum potential.

Who needs a Life Coach?

We can perhaps better understand who needs a coach if we look at top athletes: they use coaches because they want to improve their performance. The same reason applies to business leaders and small business owners, executives and entrepreneurs, professionals and homemakers, new graduates and retirees. Some people are just starting out and others have been around for some time but have hit a plateau or a barrier of some sort. Whoever they are, if they believe they could do better in either their professional or their personal lives, then a life coach might be for them.

Typical areas that a Life Coach will help them
address include

  • -Work-life balance
  • -Career
  • -Changes and transitions
  • -Health and wellness
  • -Finances
  • -Spirituality
  • -Relationships
  • -Leadership
  • -Business growth

What does a Life Coach do?

Have you ever seen friends and family members struggling to achieve something and wished that you could just share your own experience and knowledge with them? Have you been successful at something and as a result others keep asking you for advice? Have you become an expert in your field and want to help others who are starting out? Would you like to convert your experience into a new way of earning an income? If so, perhaps you should consider becoming a life coach.

At Coaching Masters, we believe that anyone can become a coach, provided you have sufficient life experience. This experience may come from academic learning, self-learning or unique life events. This doesn’t mean you have to be old – many young people have incredible knowledge and experience to share with others. What you need is the training to combine your expertise with skilled delivery.

  • This is where Coaching Masters steps in
  • 1 We provide the tools and techniques that will allow you to convert your own experience into the skills needed to successfully coach others.
  • 2 We have a unique online programme, where you can login from anywhere in the world into a virtual classroom with other students and a live teacher.
  • 3 We have Master Coaches who are experts in their own fields and who will lead the training.
  • 4 Our programme includes theoretical material drawn from the behavioral sciences, NLP, behavioral economics, professional sports training and other disciplines.
  • 5 There are practical exercises with every lesson – so you will have hands-on experience and not just theoretical learning

We teach you to coach by coaching you. So you come out with the same benefits your future clients will have: self-discovery, growth and mastery over your own life.


Other questions?

According to the 2016 Global Coaching Study undertaken by the International Coaching Federation, the global average income for coaches was $53 300 per annum. A good coach can earn $200 or more per session; however, you will probably need to gain experience and a clientele to earn that kind of money. But here’s something to think about: say you get only $70 per session as a novice coach, and you have only 10 trainees per month, and each one of them comes in for only four sessions per month. The math is simple: you will be able to earn $2,800 a month, and you invested just 40 hours of work, and this could be in your spare time! That’s an amazing figure and that’s just an initial number. A veteran coach can easily earn a five-figure amount per month, from only a few trainees

What does the Coaching Masters programme cost?

We have several options for courses. Please contact us so that we can find the best option for you.

The course comprises 12 lessons, one per week for three months. Each lesson covers 1.5 to 2 hours of academic material, and has an online teacher and a class of students logged in from all over the world. From time to time, students will have to do homework.

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