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Yes, for sure! We have experience with thousands of learners over the years within various frameworks. Deciding to learn is the most critical point to starting your journey to success. We will give you the tools and the support you need via forums, email accompaniement, the ability to ask questions, frontal and on-line lessons. We promise to give you the latest information in the field.

Yes, the Coaching Masters method is based on professional information from diverse fields of knowledge such as psychology, social psychology, sociology and many other supportive methods. We have CBT and NLP experts, and believe that it is most important that our teachers and professional staff have extensive knowledge and experience.

Sure, you get a Coaching Masters Certificate that attests that you have completed the course. Certain other organizations may also require professional accompaniement for several hours of coaching in order to receive their certification, but you will definitely be able to start working once you finish the course and complete all the tasks.

At Coaching Masters we promise you that we will accompany you and give you all the professional knowledge to succeed. You will also receive support and recommendations on how to best promote your business. We will give you educational tasks that will make you better and proficient at accompanying patients.

A good coach can earn $200 or more per session; however, you will probably need to gain experience and a clientele to earn that kind of money. But here’s something to think about: say you get only $70 per session as a novice coach, and you have only 10 trainees per month, and each one of them comes in for only four sessions per month. The math is simple: you will be able to earn $2,800 a month, and you invested just 40 hours of work per month, in your spare time! That’s an amazing figure and that’s just an initial number. A veteran coach can easily earn a five figure amount per month, from only a few trainees.

We believe that anyone can be coach assuming he has accumulated experience in life. After all, a small merchant who has never studied yet manages his store successfully is an expert in the art of bargaining and business management. A teacher who has taught children for 30 years – is an expert in discipline and training, if you cooked for your family all your life, if you were that mother who listens, comforts and is friends with your children – you probably have more experience containing people and making them happy than most professionals. We will help you transform your experience into knowledge that builds people into success.

Just set up a meeting with our team of consultants here and we will review your ability to join the Coaching Masters family.